At Horizons Unlimited Christian Academy, we believe strongly in embedding character development into the curriculum from an early age. Good character doesn’t just develop by itself.


Our main goal for the preschool child, ages three to five-years-old, is to help them learn to work independently; to take care of one’s needs and develop a good self-image. Children have different interests at different times. We respect these differences and have unique expectations for each child. Opportunities for both individualized learning and large group experiences occur naturally in this multi-age setting of three to five-years-old. The wide variety of activities and materials nourish self-confidence, concentration, cooperation, and respect for others.

The classroom includes areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Exercises, Mathematics, and Language Development. Lessons are also given in history, geometry, biology, geology, and geography. Art, music, and literature are integrated into the classroom activities.

The organization of experiences and impressions is guided by a multi-sensory approach. The child discovers reading through phonics, mathematical concepts through concrete materials, and geographical relationships and scientific information through manipulating objects and real life materials.

“We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories—to assist in his/her growth, mental and emotional, as well as physical—and for that we must offer grand and lofty ideas of the human world.”

-Maria Montessori


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