At Horizons Unlimited Christian Academy, we believe strongly in embedding character development into the curriculum from an early age. Good character doesn’t just develop by itself.


Our infant program is designed to meet the needs of the children at this important sensory motor period of development. This period of rapid change must provide physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and neurological challenges with love and nurturing. Some of the important areas of an infant’s development are freedom of movement, language development, and sense of trust.

Beautiful baby boy

Freedom of Movement

Infants learn through their senses by watching and moving freely in the environment.

The development of visual senses and tactile experiences provides cognitive and physical challenges. We allow infants to experience their bodies through movement and carefully monitored exploration, and then encourage what they are ready and willing to do. We reinforce their self-initiated activities by paying full attention, while being readily available.

The Sense of Trust

Trust is the foundation of a infants development.

An infant’s trust is developed through adults responding appropriately to an infants’ need to be loved, respected, and accepted. We consider an infant as a whole person who is affected by the quality of holding and loving as well as the quality of physical care.

Language Development

We do not use baby talk, but talk regular with a wide vocabulary.

This is the most powerful absorbent stage. Infants and toddlers are spoken to in the formal language with which they will communicate in the future. We do not use baby talk, but talk regular with a wide vocabulary. We share good literature in the form of rhymes, songs, poetry, and stories, which we believe greatly increases the child’s love of language. All of this learning we believe should be kept natural and enjoyable.

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